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Club Level Designs Logo

Unveiling Timeless Style: Club Level Designs Eyewear

SD Eyes proudly introduces the latest additions to its Club Level Designs Vintage Collection, featuring 12 timeless styles that redefine sophistication. With classic shapes in translucent and opaque acetate fronts complemented by metal details on temples, keyhole bridges, and eyewires, Club Level Designs exudes an unparalleled sense of style. The collection offers a vintage-inspired look with hues ranging from brown and tortoise to gray horn and demi ambers, paired seamlessly with antique gold and silver accents. This premium men's eyewear collection is a beacon of timeless elegance and a refreshing alternative to licensed designer eyewear.

The Ideal Customer for Club Level Designs

Club Level Designs caters to individuals who appreciate the fusion of vintage designs and modern updates. An affordable eyewear brand, it is positioned as an entry-level luxury option, particularly appealing to those seeking a more minimalistic style. The collection's unisex styles make it versatile for both men and women who value classic design with a contemporary twist. The earth-toned palette adds a touch of understated elegance, ensuring that these glasses are suitable for any age and the ideal choice for those looking to invest in a timeless pair.


The Club Level Designs Standard

Club Level Designs stands out as a premium men's eyewear brand that prioritizes quality. With a commitment to providing an alternative to licensed designer eyewear, the brand has become one of the most well-rounded and stylish collections in the market. The use of acetate frames and metal detailing not only modernizes classic shapes but also ensures durability and longevity. The materials used in Club Level Designs eyewear are carefully chosen to uphold the brand's commitment to excellence and offer customers a reliable and fashionable accessory.

Club Level Designs Logo

The History of Club Level Designs

Founded in 1982, SD Eyes has been a pioneer in the eyewear industry, committed to high-quality service and value. The inception of Club Level Designs is a testament to the brand's dedication to challenging the notion that exceptional design, top-quality materials, and outstanding customer service must come at a premium. The collection embodies the evolution of SD Eyes, showcasing a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern sensibilities, creating eyewear that transcends time and trends.

Materials Behind Club Level Designs Eyewear

Club Level Designs prides itself on using top-quality materials to create eyewear that not only looks stylish but also stands the test of time. The combination of acetate frames and metal details reflects the brand's commitment to durability and comfort. The earth-toned hues throughout the range not only enhance the visual appeal but also make the glasses universally flattering. With a focus on authenticity and exclusivity, Club Level Designs ensures that every piece, whether eyewear or glasses, is brand new and a testament to the brand's dedication to crafting excellence since its establishment. Enjoy exclusive access to the Club Level of eyewear, where the most up-to-date features, styles, and materials await.


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