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Style: Embracing Barcelona's Vibrancy

Etnia Barcelona, established in 2001 by David Pellicer, resonates with the effervescent spirit of Barcelona. The brand's frames are bold and exclusive, embodying freedom, individuality, and striking colors. Drawing inspiration from the heart of Barcelona, these frames reflect a dynamic, energetic, and innovative style. The designs, a perfect complement to modern outfits, are distinguished by their vibrant tones, innovative patterns, and a nod to both historical roots and a forward-looking approach.

Ideal Customer: Expressive and Fashion-Forward

The ideal customer for Etnia Barcelona frames is someone who values individuality, expression, and a touch of rebellion in their style. With designs that combine multiple vibrant tones, these frames cater to men, women, and kids seeking a fashion-forward accessory. Celebrities like Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Brad Pitt, and others opt for Etnia Barcelona, appreciating its distinct and stylish appeal that complements their unique fashion choices.


Quality: Crafted from Sustainable Materials

Etnia Barcelona prides itself on using high-quality, natural, and lightweight materials. From wood to mineral glass and acetate, these materials ensure comfort and functionality for wearers. The brand's commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging, which comprises recyclable materials, such as a cotton case and a protective bag made from biodegradable corn starch. Additionally, the company emphasizes creating healthy and eco-friendly workspaces for its employees, contributing to a more sustainable future.


History: Generational Passion for Eyewear

Rooted in a rich heritage spanning three generations, Etnia Barcelona's legacy began with David Pellicer's grandfather, Fulgencio Ramo, who established a sunglasses factory in the 1950s. Pellicer, having grown up in the family business, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the brand. Etnia Barcelona represents a blend of historical craftsmanship, artistic freedom, and the vibrant spirit of Barcelona, aiming to offer frames that celebrate ethnic diversity and individuality.

Materials: Uniting Tradition and Innovation

Etnia Barcelona eyewear is a fusion of tradition and innovation. The company's commitment to artistry and quality is evident in its use of top-grade materials. The frames are not only durable but also reflect a sense of European style and sophistication. Ranging from acetate to metal and mixed frames, the collection showcases a diverse range of patterns, styles, and colors, ensuring wearers can express their unique personalities through their choice of eyewear.


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