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A Fusion of Style: JK London Eyewear

When it comes to eyewear that effortlessly blends style, quality, and fashion, look no further than JK London. With the introduction of the JK London By Lili Rectangle Eyeglasses, this eyewear brand showcases its unique approach to urban aesthetics and contemporary design. These metal frames in a timeless rectangle shape, adorned with beautifully printed metal arms in a dazzling brown color, are the epitome of style. But what makes JK London truly special? Let's explore its distinctive style, ideal customers, quality, history, and the materials that make these frames stand out.

Ideal Customer: Vibrant and Fashion-Conscious

JK London has curated a collection of eyewear that caters to the young and fashion-forward generation. Specifically designed for those aged 16-24 years, this eyewear brand understands the need for eyeglasses that are both funky and vibrant. However, don't let age limit your choices; anyone with a youthful spirit and a taste for contemporary fashion will appreciate the collection. JK London is your go-to choice if you're looking for eyewear that allows you to express your personality without breaking the bank.


Quality and Authenticity

All JK London items, including JK London eyewear and glasses, are synonymous with authenticity and brand new excellence. With a focus on precision and wearability, these frames guarantee the perfect fit and comfort. Whether you're a professional seeking elegance or a streetwise individual with a keen sense of style, JK London frames deliver quality and aesthetic in equal measure. This commitment to quality has earned JK London a reputation for superior design and construction.

Jk London Logo

A Glimpse into JK London's History

The story of JK London is one marked by passion and a deep connection to the optical industry. Founded in 1999 in the UK, JK London emerged as a premier independent manufacturer and distributor of premium eyewear. The late founder, Raymond Crofton, was a visionary in the optical industry. Before creating JK London, he established The 20/20 Optical Store, which grew to become Europe's largest retail optical store. After his passing, his daughter, Caron Kraitt, took the reins. With over 20 years of optical experience and a keen sense of fashion, Caron Kraitt has been instrumental in shaping the brand's vision.

Materials that Define Excellence

JK London's commitment to quality extends to the materials used in crafting its frames. The frames combine optical precision with the latest fashion trends, ensuring that you not only look good but also experience exceptional comfort and wearability. JK London frames are constructed with the finest materials, including superior quality acetates from Mazzucchelli in Italy. This dedication to materials, design, and construction results in eyewear that is not only visually appealing but also comfortable and optically correct.


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