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La Eyeworks
La Eyeworks

Celebrate Your Style with l.a.Eyeworks Eyewear

When it comes to eyewear that breaks the mold and embraces individuality, look no further than l.a.Eyeworks. Founded by lifelong friends Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, this eyewear brand has been revolutionizing the world of glasses since 1979. With their unique style, l.a.Eyeworks frames are designed to celebrate the diversity of faces and the uniqueness of individuals. From oversized, bold sunglasses to elegant and refined optical frames, they offer a wide range of eyewear options to suit every taste.

Ideal for the Daring and Unique

If you're someone who appreciates eyewear that stands out from the crowd and isn't afraid to push the boundaries of style, l.a.Eyeworks is the ideal choice for you. These frames are perfect for those who want to express their individuality and make a bold statement. Whether you're a creative soul, an artist, or just someone who loves to be different, l.a.Eyeworks eyewear is sure to resonate with you. Their designs are a testament to the belief that your glasses should be as unique as you are.


Uncompromising Quality

One of the hallmarks of l.a.Eyeworks is their commitment to quality. Each pair of glasses is handcrafted in Italy, a country renowned for its expertise in eyewear production. The highest-grade materials are transformed into groundbreaking frames using the latest technologies and meticulous hand-finishing. This results in eyewear that offers exceptional comfort, unmatched reliability, and an innovative touch. l.a.Eyeworks frames express both timeless optical traditions and modern aesthetics, ensuring that you not only look great but also see clearly.

La Eyeworks

A Rich History of Creativity

The story of l.a.Eyeworks began in 1979 when Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi opened their first small shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. United by a shared dream, they set out to change the conversation about eyewear. Their journey from high school friends to trained opticians led to the birth of l.a.Eyeworks. Over the years, their brand gained international acclaim, and today, it's trusted by celebrities like Elton John, Jodie Foster, and Bob Dylan. l.a.Eyeworks remains a privately owned house of optical imagination, with a global presence that includes two namesake retail stores in Los Angeles.

Innovative Materials and Designs

What sets l.a.Eyeworks apart is their innovative approach to design. McReynolds and Gherardi create their frames without being bound by traditional rules, allowing their imaginations to run wild. They consider facial proportions and the principles of creating perfectly fitting frames, accommodating a wide range of prescriptions. At EuroOptika, one of the most exclusive eyewear boutiques in New York, you can experience the hottest frames by l.a.Eyeworks. From traditional to ultra-modern styles and a variety of materials and colors, their frames are designed to flatter every face shape and style.


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