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A Style Statement Like No Other

Mattingly Eyewear is synonymous with contemporary style. The frames offered by this brand are not just eyeglasses; they are fashion accessories that enhance your overall look. Whether you're seeking a bold, modern statement or a classic, understated elegance, Mattingly Eyewear has frames to suit every taste and occasion. These spectacles aren't merely functional; they are a reflection of your personal style.

Uncompromising Quality: Mattingly Eyewear's Commitment

When it comes to the world of eyewear, quality is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction, and Mattingly Eyewear takes this commitment to an exceptional level. The brand's dedication to producing high-quality eyeglasses is evident in every aspect of their products. What sets Mattingly Eyewear apart is their meticulous attention to detail. Each spectacle is thoughtfully labeled with its lens power, guaranteeing precision for wearers.

The Ideal Quality

Mattingly Eyewear is tailor-made for those who refuse to compromise on quality. If you prioritize durability, clarity, and precision in your eyewear, you're the ideal customer for Mattingly. The brand's commitment to using professional CR-39 material for all lenses ensures optical clarity and longevity. With up to two-thirds of the lens in front of the lens bevel, you can expect unparalleled visual clarity and comfort.

A Glimpse into Mattingly's Rich History

The story of Mattingly Eyewear is a testament to decades of dedication to the low vision industry. Founded by Bill Mattingly in 2007, the company is now led by his son, Sean Mattingly, along with his wife, Julie Mattingly. Bill's nearly 40 years of experience in low vision, coupled with Sean's business acumen, has shaped Mattingly Low Vision, Inc. into the respected family-owned and operated entity it is today. The Mattingly legacy is further enriched by Elena King, a CLVT with over two decades of experience, who offers invaluable advice and consultation to customers.

Crafted from the Finest Materials

Quality begins with materials, and Mattingly Eyewear spares no expense in this regard. Every spectacle produced by Mattingly features professional CR-39 material lenses, ensuring both clarity and durability. The meticulous attention to detail extends to labeling each spectacle with lens power, guaranteeing precision for wearers. To top it off, Mattingly Eyewear provides soft cases with every pair, protecting your investment.

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