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Fashion-forward combined with casual sophistication. Nine West eyewear is inspired by the iconic fashion house that it is aligned with, and consciously complements the classic Nine West look. See and be seen in these stunning frames. Quality eyewear and prescription lenses, including Blutech light filter, single and progressive lenses.

Who is the Ideal Customer for Nine West Eyewear?

Nine West Eyewear is designed with all women in mind. No matter your style, shape, or size, we make eyewear that empowers every woman to take on the world with confidence. Our newest collection unites iconic silhouettes in contemporary colorations with bold, modern design details. And with a special focus on comfort, our Petite and Extended Fit frames offer a wide range of sizes for the perfect fit.

Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Nine West is synonymous with exceptional quality, and their eyewear is no exception. Each pair of Nine West glasses is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability and longevity. These glasses are designed to withstand the test of time, maintaining their stylish appearance and functionality. Whether you're looking for a reliable pair of prescription glasses or trendy sunglasses, you can trust Nine West to deliver the highest quality eyewear that not only enhances your vision but also elevates your fashion game. When you choose Nine West, you're choosing eyewear that reflects a commitment to excellence.

History of the Brand

Initially founded as a fashion footwear brand for the modern woman, the Company expanded into handbags, prescription glasses, sunglasses, eyewear, and accessories. Nine West launched handbags in 1995, and then expanded to dresses, suits, and children's footwear. It also offers its goods through licensing agreements. In 1995, Nine West purchased the footwear division of the United States Shoe Corporation, which included the Easy Spirit brand.

A Blend of Elegance and Comfort

Nine West Eyewear is crafted using a blend of high-quality materials that prioritize both style and comfort. The frames are predominantly made with cellulose acetate, a premium material known for its durability and versatility. This choice of material allows Nine West designers to incorporate unexpected accents and a chic sense of style into their frames. Whether you opt for classic black frames, soft tortoise patterns, or even a daring splash of red, you can be sure that these materials will not only look stunning but also feel comfortable on your face. Nine West's commitment to using top-notch materials ensures that their eyewear not only looks fantastic but also provides a luxurious and comfortable experience for every wearer.

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