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Classic yet Innovative Style

Prodesign Denmark Eyewear epitomizes a unique fusion of classic and innovative designs, providing durable and lightweight frames with elegant decorative elements. The brand's collection caters to diverse fashion preferences, generations, and facial features, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer gaudy colors with eye-catching details or more classic, toned-down choices, Prodesign Denmark has the perfect frame for you.

Ideal Customers Embracing Diversity

Prodesign's eyewear is crafted for everyone, irrespective of their style preferences, generations, or facial features. The introduction of the GRANDD concept with voluminous acetate models in larger sizes caters specifically to individuals who need bigger eyewear. Moreover, their two sun concepts, featuring nosepads for enhanced comfort and adjustability, reflect the brand's commitment to making eyewear accessible and comfortable for all.


Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

For 50 years, ProDesign has consistently produced high-quality eyewear firmly anchored in Danish design history. The frames are meticulously hand-designed in Denmark, with an emphasis on creating synergy with the wearer's face. The brand's dedication to creating not just a beautiful frame but enhancing the wearer's beauty is a testament to its commitment to design for the individual, not just for display.


Rich Danish Heritage and Global Appeal

Rooted in Danish values of trust, honesty, and craftsmanship, ProDesign maintains an authentic Danish essence, infusing the spirit of Danish lifestyle values into their global eyewear market. As part of the Design Eyewear Group, ProDesign continues to stand out in the industry, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship, clean designs, and superior functionality. The brand's commitment to innovation and quality keeps it at the forefront of the eyewear market, respecting its heritage while consistently surprising customers with new, high-quality designs.

Innovative Materials and Design Process

Prodesign's frames embody modernity and forward-thinking design. Utilizing high-quality materials and innovative design processes, the brand focuses on lightweight, durable, and fashionable eyewear. Allan Rasmussen, the chief designer, brings a unique perspective as a self-taught creative, ensuring a blend of optician knowledge and creative expertise in the team. This diversity of skills results in the creation of frames that resonate with the wearer's face rather than just looking good on display.


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