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Rough Justice
Rough Justice

Reflecting the Bold and Edgy

Rough Justice Eyewear, epitomized by the striking Vicious sunglasses, boasts a collection that mirrors a perfect blend of boldness and edgy elegance. The Vicious sunglasses stand out through their compelling features, such as hand-painted animal prints, vibrant color choices (Black Crystal, Garnet Ice, Mint, Vivid Violet), and sizes catering to various facial structures. These designs are tailored for individuals seeking an accessory that perfectly complements their distinctive style and persona.

The Edgy Fashion Maven

Designed to appeal to women with an attitude and a penchant for edgy fashion, Rough Justice Eyewear aligns with a customer base seeking eyewear that exudes confidence and individuality. The brand's philosophy emphasizes creating eyewear that is not only fashionable but also technologically advanced, appealing to individuals seeking a standout accessory that merges style with functionality.


Craftsmanship and Material Superiority

Rough Justice Eyewear maintains its commitment to quality by using a fusion of materials like zyl, recycled plastic, stainless steel, and combinations of metal and plastic. Italian craftsmanship converges with these quality materials to produce durable, stylish frames. Most styles are equipped with spring hinges, ensuring both style and durability, making Rough Justice eyewear an ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting, fashionable eyewear.

Rough Justice

The Birth of a Fashion-Forward Brand

Founded in 2007 in California by Bodo Loerke, Rough Justice represents a contemporary lifestyle brand dedicated to designing and delivering sophisticated, bold, and glamorous accessories. The brand's fusion of quality materials and Italian craftsmanship echoes its mission to cater to women who appreciate stylish and alluring fashion pieces.

Merging Innovation and Sustainability

Rough Justice Eyewear prioritizes the use of quality materials such as recycled plastic, zyl, and metals in its frames. This commitment to sustainability underscores the brand's effort to create fashion-forward eyewear that not only looks fantastic but also aligns with eco-conscious values.


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