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Rudy Project
Rudy Project

Stylish Innovation

Rudy Project eyewear merges style with innovation, offering a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and aerodynamics. Crafted to elevate sporting performance, these glasses are designed to cater to diverse activities such as cycling, motorsports, triathlon, and more. Each piece is not just a fashion statement but a technological marvel tailored for optimal performance.

The Ideal Customer

From amateur enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, Rudy Project caters to anyone seeking high-tech solutions for their eyes and head during sporting activities. Cyclists, runners, water sports aficionados, and those engaged in various other disciplines find tailored options for their specific needs within the Rudy Project range.


Unparalleled Quality

With a history rooted in striving for perfection, Rudy Project maintains its commitment to quality. The brand's ImpactX technology offers lenses that are virtually indestructible, ensuring a lifetime of use for athletes. Quick-change technology allows for seamless lens swapping, adapting to varying lighting conditions, while a wide array of spare parts ensures longevity.

Rudy Project

A Glimpse into History

Originating in 1985 in Treviso, Italy, Rudy Project has evolved into a global leader in sport glasses and helmets. Under the guidance of Christiano and Simone Barbazza, the brand now spans over 60 countries, supplying athletes and enthusiasts with top-tier eyewear and headgear.

Innovative Materials

Rudy Project's glasses and helmets stand out due to their innovative use of materials. Their lenses, including the famous ImpactX, offer unparalleled durability and adaptability, while the lightweight construction enhances comfort without compromising on performance. The brand's focus on cutting-edge technology and Italian craftsmanship ensures products that redefine sporting experiences.


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