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Elevate Your Style with Silhouette Eyewear

Make your glasses more than just an accessory! Silhouette prescription glasses are designed to offer the best in terms of quality, design, and technology. The brand is recognized worldwide for its exceptional finishes that ensure great comfort when using them. Take advantage of our offer with free shipping and buy them at the best price of the year!

Minimalist Design for a Weightless Look

One of the standout features of Silhouette glasses frames is their minimalist and rimless design. Crafted from materials like titanium and acetate, these frames are incredibly lightweight. The absence of a traditional frame allows the focus to be on the lenses, giving wearers a clean and almost invisible look. Silhouette offers a wide range of frame shapes, colors, and finishes, ensuring there is a style to suit everyone's taste.


Unparalleled Quality and Comfort

Silhouette is at the forefront of eyewear technology. They use advanced technologies to create flexible, durable frames that adapt to the wearer's face shape, ensuring a customized fit. This makes Silhouette glasses the preferred choice for people with active lifestyles. With innovations like polarized lenses and blue light filtering options, Silhouette enhances visual performance while protecting your eyes.

A History of Excellence

Founded in 1964 in Austria, Silhouette has a rich history of pushing the boundaries of eyewear design. They are known for their iconic rimless glasses frame designs. Silhouette sets itself apart as one of the very few major European prescription glasses frame makers that produces all components and assembles them in-house. This commitment to quality has earned them an unmatched reputation in the eyewear industry.

Finest Materials

Silhouette Eyewear prides itself on using top-quality materials to craft their exceptional eyeglasses. Their frames are often made from ultra-lightweight, high-tech titanium, which not only ensures remarkable durability but also contributes to the signature lightness that Silhouette is known for. Silhouette's innovative SPX®+ material is used in certain designs, offering further lightweight and robust options. Moreover, Silhouette offers frames made from hypoallergenic materials, ensuring the utmost comfort for all wearers. For those seeking a touch of glamour and style, Silhouette even provides frames plated with 23-carat gold. With Silhouette, it's not just about clear vision; it's about the perfect fusion of high-quality materials and innovative design.


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