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Style that Defines Modern Elegance

Vera Wang, renowned for her nonchalant approach to style and luxury, has gracefully translated her unique voice into the world of eyewear. The Vera Wang eyewear collection offers a refreshing take on modern feminine glamour, where creative expression is at the forefront. Each piece showcases an exquisite sense of style, bearing the hallmark of Wang's signature craftsmanship, a modern color palette, and a meticulous attention to detail. The eyewear collection draws inspiration from vintage styles, using beautiful shapes and textures, often accentuated with jewelry details. Vera Wang eyewear is a testament to fashion's evolution, seamlessly blending modernity with timeless elegance.

Ideal for the Stylish and Youthful

Vera Wang Eyewear caters to those who appreciate stylish and youthful designs. The collection includes a wide range of handcrafted pieces, each with a modern twist in terms of form, structure, and light. Whether you're looking for optical frames or sunglasses, Vera Wang offers options for all tastes. From classy and elegant to colorful and playful, the eyewear collection appeals to a diverse range of age groups and individuals from various walks of life. Whether you desire cat-eye models, square frames, classic rounds, or something as unique as butterfly frames, Vera Wang has something to offer for every fashion-forward soul.


Quality that Speaks for Itself

Vera Wang's reputation for quality extends to her eyewear collection. The luxurious materials used, including stainless steel, beta-titanium, and buffalo horn, embody a commitment to excellence. Since the launch of her label in 1990, Wang's brand has consistently struck the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. Vera Wang eyewear showcases the highest levels of quality and design, ensuring that each pair of glasses not only enhances your style but also provides superior vision and comfort.

A History of Creative Expression

Vera Wang's journey in the world of fashion began early, as she became the youngest-ever Vogue fashion editor at the age of 23. Over the years, she has expanded her collections to include a wide range of products, from bridal wear to ready-to-wear, fragrance, eyewear, and more. Her eyewear collection is a natural extension of her creative expression, drawing inspiration from vintage shapes, textures, and jewelry motifs. The brand's rich history of innovative designs and a keen understanding of fashion has solidified its place in the industry, making it one of the most prestigious and trusted fashion and lifestyle brands worldwide.

Crafted with Care in Italy

The manufacturing of Vera Wang glasses is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and precision. Luxottica, the world's leading eyewear company, is responsible for designing and manufacturing Vera Wang eyewear. Each pair of glasses is handcrafted by experienced artisans in Italy. The brand's distinctive designs speak volumes, showcasing fine attention to detail and sturdiness. Whether you choose frames made of plastic or metal, you can trust that they are crafted with care and expertise. Some models even feature spring hinges for maximum comfort, ensuring that you not only look good but feel good in your Vera Wang eyewear.


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