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Zac Posen

Where Fashion Meets Eyewear

When it comes to eyewear that's a perfect blend of vintage charm and futuristic flair, look no further than Zac Posen. The renowned American designer's eyewear collection is a testament to his love for unique textiles, boasting strong shapes and vibrant colors. From oversized rectangular frames for men to extreme cat eyes and sexy red shades for women, each pair is a work of art. The collection even features nods to popular 90s looks with slim metal shapes. If you crave eyewear that turns heads and expresses your style, Zac Posen has just what you need.

Embracing Modern American Glamour

Zac Posen's eyewear collection caters to individuals who appreciate modern American glamour with a touch of innovation. The women’s line combines chic, feminine eye shapes with dramatic gestures, while the men’s styles use distinctive, masculine shapes and classic European acetates. Posen's vision for timeless style with a modern sensibility and edge attracts those who seek eyewear as a form of expression. Whether you're a fan of bold, architectural designs or refined silhouettes, Zac Posen frames offer a perfect balance of comfort and impressive style.


The Zac Posen Legacy

Zac Posen, a world-renowned fashion designer, launched his first collection in 2001, showcasing a commitment to modern American glamour through artisanal craftsmanship and textile manipulation. The eyewear collection reflects this legacy with meticulous attention to detail. From anatomical construction to the use of fine materials, Zac Posen frames are a symbol of quality. The collaboration with Kenmark ensures that each pair embodies the boutique design aesthetic and innovation that defines the Zac Posen brand.

Zac Posen

History and Launch

Zac Posen's eyewear collection, a new venture in collaboration with Kenmark, is set to launch at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. The collection includes optical and optical sun styles for both men and women, showcasing Posen's signature styles and innovative design. With 12 optical styles and three optical sun styles for each gender, the collection promises to be a staple in the eyewear industry. Drawing inspiration from Posen's ready-to-wear collection, the eyewear range reflects the essence of the Zac Posen brand: timelessly stylish with a modern sensibility and edge. Get ready to embrace eyewear that's not just an accessory but a statement piece.

Materials Matter

Zac Posen eyewear is crafted with a variety of materials, each chosen to enhance the specific style and design. Commonly, the frames feature high-quality metals, exemplifying the brand's dedication to functionality and fashion appeal. With a wide array of colors, including the prominent Brown and Gunmetal, these eyeglasses are a feast for the eyes. The rim styles, especially the Full Rim designs, offer a remarkable assortment. Whether you require prescription lenses or not, Zac Posen ensures that your eyewear experience is both personalized and stylish.


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