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Welcome to our vision simulator page. We cover everything from common eye diseases to subtle symptoms that can affect your vision. You can use our simulator to experience 24 different vision conditions. With the vision simulator, we hope to help you understand what those with different eye conditions face on a daily basis.

Think of our simulator as your personal gateway to understanding eye health better. Curious about how glaucoma affects sight? Or what living with cataracts might feel like? Maybe you’re wondering about the blur of astigmatism? Here, we make these conditions more than just words on a page. We bring them to life, helping you see the world through different eyes.

Understanding Ocular Diseases with Our Vision Simulator

  1. Hemianopsia - A unique aspect of our vision simulator lets you experience the loss of half the visual field, a common symptom of hemianopsia, resulting from neurological damage.
  2. Diabetic Retinopathy - The vision simulator offers insights into how diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness, affects vision through damaged retinal blood vessels.
  3. Color Blindness - Through our vision simulator, you can understand the challenges of distinguishing colors, simulating various types of color blindness.
  4. Visual Snow Syndrome - Experience the persistent snow-like dots across the visual field, mimicking visual snow syndrome, through our advanced vision simulator.
  5. Cataracts - The simulator illustrates the clouding effect on vision caused by cataracts, leading to decreased visual clarity.
  6. Presbyopia - Experience how presbyopia affects your ability to focus on close objects, a common age-related condition, through our vision simulator.
  7. Macular Degeneration - Gain insights into the central vision loss caused by macular degeneration, simulated to help understand its impact.
  8. Glaucoma - Our vision simulator replicates the gradual vision loss characteristic of glaucoma, highlighting the importance of early detection.
  9. Dry Eye - Feel the discomfort and visual disturbances caused by dry eye syndrome with our simulator's realistic representation.
  10. Keratoconus - The vision simulator shows how keratoconus distorts your view, making it an invaluable tool for empathy and understanding.

Symptoms Section: A Closer Look with the Vision Simulator

  1. Blue Field Phenomena: Our interactive tool brings the blue field phenomenon to life, helping you grasp its visual impact with dynamic visual aids. Learn more about blue field phenomenon.
  2. Glare: Discover how glare can interfere with your vision, especially under bright lights, through our realistic simulations that emulate the sensation of glare.
  3. Ghosting: Uncover what it's like to experience ghosting, where double images or ghostly visions occur in dimmer light, through our detailed simulator.
  4. Blurry Vision: Our simulator lets you feel the effect of blurry vision, showcasing how a lack of sharpness and clarity impacts sight, a common issue for many.
  5. Night Blindness: Walk through simulations that mimic the struggle of seeing in dim conditions, giving you a sense of night blindness.
  6. Halos: Experience the appearance of halos, circular flares or rings around lights, through our simulator, highlighting a symptom present in various eye conditions.
  7. Persistent Positive Visual Phenomenon: Try out simulations that recreate the rare but notable experience of images lingering after they've disappeared.
  8. Palinopsia: Investigate palinopsia with our tool, where moving objects leave behind a trail or afterimage, depicting this visual anomaly.
  9. Trails: Experience the phenomenon of trails, akin to palinopsia, with simulations that show the effect of trails following moving objects for a closer look.
  10. Loss of Contrast: Learn how decreased contrast sensitivity can affect your ability to see through simulations that challenge you to distinguish between textures and shades.
  11. Starbursting: Witness the unique visual effect of starbursting, where lights seem to explode into intense rays, through simulations crafted to demonstrate this phenomenon.

Refractive Errors Explored Through the Vision Simulator

  1. Astigmatism - See how astigmatism blurs and distorts vision at all distances with our interactive simulator.
  2. Myopia - Experience the world of those with nearsightedness, where distant objects appear blurred.
  3. Hyperopia - The simulator shows the struggle of focusing on close objects characteristic of farsightedness.

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