Understanding the Benefits of BEMER Mat Therapy and Its Role in Visual Health

As an optometrist, our primary goal is to ensure that our patients' visual needs are met through comprehensive eye exams and corrective eyewear. However, we also recognize that our patients' overall health and well-being are essential to their visual health. That is why we incorporate BEMER mat therapy into our practice.

Stress caused by inadequate visual skills can trigger the fight or flight response, leading to a narrowed visual focus and the shutdown of non-essential functions. This response can make it challenging for optometrists to diagnose and treat vision problems, especially in patients with developmental vision issues, brain injuries, or special needs. To ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment, it is essential to help patients transition out of the fight or flight mode. In our clinic, we incorporate BEMER mat therapy as a supplemental approach to foster relaxation and comfort. The BEMER mat is known for its potential to enhance general well-being by supporting relaxation and local blood circulation.

What is BEMER Mat Therapy?

BEMER mat therapy is a form of microcirculation therapy that involves using a BEMER mat attached to a BEMER box. The BEMER box emits a low-intensity light that activates microcirculation throughout the body. Microcirculation refers to the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels in the body, including the capillaries. By improving microcirculation, BEMER mat therapy increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells and helps remove waste products, resulting in overall improved health.

Benefits of BEMER Mat Therapy

The primary benefit of BEMER mat therapy is improved blood flow, which results in increased oxygen and nutrient delivery and waste removal. Additionally, BEMER mat therapy has a calming effect, making it an excellent therapy for patients who are stressed or anxious.

Why do We Use a BEMER Mat at Our Optometry Clinic?

At our optometry clinic, we use BEMER mat therapy as a complementary approach to enhance patient comfort. This therapy is known for its potential to help with relaxation and stress reduction, creating a more calming environment. While it is not a treatment for specific vision conditions, the general well-being it promotes can contribute to a more positive overall patient experience.
Furthermore, using BEMER mat therapy at our optometry clinic can enhance the patient's experience during their eye exam. Patients who are stressed or anxious may find the therapy to be calming, allowing for a more comfortable and thorough examination.
The therapy is easy to use and can be incorporated into the patient's visit to the clinic without causing any inconvenience or discomfort. Patients simply lie on the BEMER mat, which is connected to the BEMER box, and the therapy is activated. Patients can choose the duration of the therapy, which can vary from a few minutes to an hour, depending on their individual needs and preferences.

BEMER Therapy: A Complementary Approach in Eye Care

At Amplify EyeCare, we are dedicated to caring for patients across all age groups, often addressing complex visual challenges like acquired brain injuries and developmental visual problems. In our pursuit to enrich our practice with innovative tools, we've included BEMER mat therapy as an adjunctive option.

Our introduction of BEMER therapy has been met with positive feedback, mainly due to its non-invasive and user-friendly nature. We emphasize that while BEMER is an exciting addition, it is not a cure-all solution. Our interest in BEMER lies in its potential to support general well-being through improved local blood circulation and muscle relaxation, which can be beneficial in a clinical setting.

It's important to clarify that BEMER therapy is not used in our practice for the direct treatment or diagnosis of specific eye conditions. The positive experiences we've observed with BEMER therapy are aligned with its intended use of enhancing general comfort and well-being, which is a significant aspect of patient care. We continue to focus on its role in promoting relaxation and potentially aiding in overall health maintenance, in line with the approved benefits of the therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions About BEMER

What Is the Primary Function of BEMER Therapy?

BEMER therapy is primarily designed to enhance local blood circulation and stimulate healthy muscles, contributing to general well-being and relaxation.

What Scientific Research Supports BEMER Therapy?

Research on BEMER therapy mainly focuses on its ability to improve microcirculation and muscle stimulation. It's important to note that while studies exist, they primarily address these general aspects rather than specific health conditions.

What Is BEMER's Status with the FDA?

BEMER is registered with the FDA as a device to enhance blood circulation and muscle health. It is not FDA-approved for the treatment of any specific medical conditions.

Can You Tell Me About the Cost of a BEMER Session?

The cost of a BEMER session varies by location and therapy duration. Please contact our clinic for specific pricing details.

How Often Can BEMER Therapy Be Used?

The frequency of BEMER therapy depends on individual needs and preferences. For specific recommendations, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional.

How Quickly Can One Expect Results from BEMER Therapy?

Experiences with BEMER therapy can vary. Some individuals might notice a sense of relaxation and well-being shortly after starting therapy, while others may take longer to observe these general benefits.

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