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Elevate your look with our curated collections. At Amplify EyeCare, we believe in enhancing vision with a touch of elegance, guided by our world-class opticians.

Frames To Fit Any Style

Whether you are looking for a top designer brand, or a unique style to match your personality, Amplify practices have something for everyone.

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Experience Crystal Clear Vision With Advanced Optical Lenses

Seeing clearly requires the best lenses that match your specific visual needs. Our opticals provide lenses from the leading optical manufacturers and laboratories, and our opticians and optometrists tailor their recommendations to ensure maximum clarity and comfort.

Our Opticians: Your Experienced and Friendly Advisors in Eyewear

Choosing the right lenses, frames, and lens coatings can be tricky if not downright frustrating. Our opticians are passionate about helping you find frames that match your style, budget, and features. They will explain to you the differences between the lens and lens coating options, while recommending lenses and coatings that meet your needs.

Our Commitment to Quality Eyewear and Exceptional Vision

We see our opticals as an extension of the care that we provide to our patients. We select frames that meet our strict quality standards, while recommending lenses and lens coatings from the leading brands and laboratories.

Optical optometry and eye care
Amplify EyeCare and Optometrists

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Amplify EyeCare is a team of a passionate and experienced optometrists practicing eye care at the cutting edge of technology and vision science. We are growing with new locations coming across the US.
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