Optos Optomap

Optos Optomap

Amplify EyeCare is proud to announce our latest acquisition of modern equipment that we offer to our patients called Optos Optomap, which creates fascinating and extremely detailed maps of the eye and pictures of the retina. With Optomap's ultra-wide (200°) field retinal images, we can capture up to 82% of your retina at once. Traditional methods such as dilating the eyes typically reveal only 10-15% of the retina at one time. Additionally, the use of Optomap can decrease dilation frequency in the majority of patients.
Our investment in advanced imaging technology enables our eye doctors to provide patients earlier detection, improved management, and customized treatment for a wide variety of eye diseases and conditions.

Why is an optomap image important?

Detecting conditions

The retina is the back part of your eye and is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly. The retina can also show signs of other diseases such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes in addition to eye conditions such as:

These conditions can show on your retina long before you notice any changes to your vision or feel any pain. An eye exam generally involves a look at the front of your eye to assess health and prescription changes, but a thorough retinal examination is crucial to make sure your eye is healthy.

Pictures of the back part of the eye will also help us determine whether there are any irregularities with the retina or if it's an issue with the optic nerve. We educate the patient on what we see and what the problem areas are, and if a referral is required, we provide the patient with the images.

It is important to note that despite its usefulness for diabetic screening, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AA) and the American Optometric Association (AOA) still recommend that diabetics have a dilated eye exam at least once a year.

Monitoring changes

Optomap's high-resolution images also allow for a personal benchmark to be set for ocular health and allow for detection of sudden changes over time, and since the images are displayed automatically on your computer screen, you can easily see everything our eye doctor is telling you about your eye health, allowing you to take an active role in protecting your valuable vision.

By having a benchmark, we are able to detect small changes that may not be remembered from eye exam to eye exam, or may be hard to identify from clinical notes, by having old images our eye doctor can compare the images and track the smallest changes. Early detection of eye disease is critical in order to prevent permanent vision loss. In rare cases, an Optomap retinal examination may reveal serious conditions, such as eye or brain tumors. Results of an Optomap retinal exam allow us to take preventative measures to stop or slow down the progression of eye diseases by providing us with early warning signs that they may be developing. Over time, we monitor your eye for any changes to ensure that our treatment plan is providing you with long-term eye health benefits.

Are Optomaps safe?

The Optomap imaging process is fast, painless, and comfortable. At no point does anything touch your eye. In over 40 million images, no side effects have been observed with Optomap lasers due to their low intensity and non-invasive nature. It is safe for children, and they love looking at the vivid images of their retinas.
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