We have invested in advanced technology called

Pre-Testing Corneal Topographer that that maps the front surface of the eye

Pre-Testing Corneal Topography

Corneal topography is a useful pre-operative test that maps the front surface of the eye, which is the cornea and the cornea is the window of the eye. We take great pride in our investment in state-of-the-art technology, empowering our eye doctors to deliver exceptional care to patients across the entire United States.

What are the benefits of corneal topography?

A corneal topographer shows us the shape, contour, and amount of astigmatism in the cornea. Additionally, it detects irregularities in the cornea. Moreover, corneal topography can identify irregular zones to diagnose conditions such as keratoconus, which is a corneal disease that can be diagnosed after corneal topography. Diagnosis plays a critical role in management of keratoconus, which is usually diagnosed in young adults. And then as you get older, the condition actually progressively gets worse. We can map out these changes over time when we take corneal topography.
It is also very helpful when fitting gas permeable, scleral lenses, and ortho-k lenses. For any type of specialty contact lens, corneal topography is necessary.

How does a corneal topographer aid in contact lens fitting?

A corneal topographer helps us determine where and how to fit you with contact lenses. Depending on the contour, certain contact lenses may be more appropriate, such as hybrid lenses, which is a combination of soft and gas permeable lenses, or custom scleral designs.
With the increase of myopia or nearsightedness in children, and the research that shows the dangers of high myopia, orthokeratology has become a very popular field in recent years. It is now possible to slow the process of a child's myopia increasing over time and control it using specialized contact lenses called orthokeratology or ortho-k. Corneal topography serves as your baseline measurement when designing an ortho K lens. Therefore, we use that on every patient who comes for ortho-k on every visit, because we want to see changes that we're promoting through the use of ortho-k contact lenses.

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The corneal topography procedure may be beneficial to you if you are suffering from an eye condition, have difficulties with contact lenses, or are considering advanced contact lenses such as scleral lenses and ortho-k lenses. Come in and have a comprehensive eye examination and contact lens evaluation during which a corneal topography will be performed. To schedule an eye exam, you can reach out to your nearest Amplify EyeCare practice either via a call or in-person visit. Our team of eye care professionals is ready and equipped to provide you with the care you need.

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