Investing in advanced technology called SightSync enables our eye doctors to provide advanced care to patients.


SightSync is a cutting edge technology for measuring eye alignment at close range as well as at distance. Not only does it map out the eye alignment, but it also records that so we can show our patients how their eyes work.
SightSync testing helps our doctors understand how hard your eyes have to work to cooperate with each other. Based on the measurements provided to our doctor by SightSync, our eye doctors are able to customize specialty eye glasses called neurolens that are lenses specifically developed based on your visual needs. Neurolens for you to help comfort your eyes, by alleviating the problems that cause constant tension on your visual system.

What are neurolens customized lenses and how does it help?

Even minor misalignments of our eyes can lead to constant painful symptoms, neurolens customized lenses use precise measurements from the SightSync to create lenses that shift your eye alignment and in many cases this leads to dramatic relief.

Eye Misalignment is one of the major causes of symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Eye Strain
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Dry Eye Sensation
  • Motion Sickness

What is SightSync useful for?

A useful feature of it is that it shows us whether the eyes are directly focused on the target or if they are fixated in front or behind the target. Also, it shows how well your binocular vision system works (the binocular vision system refers to how both eyes work together in tandem). This instrument also maps out how your eyes align and gives us some specific details on that, for example, if a patient with misaligned eyes may misjudge things in space or have difficulty reading. It can be used for someone we have found that needs additional testing in the exam. You can use it to communicate with a family member and show them your progress.

How can SightSync help with digital eye strain?

We live in the age of digital technology. It is estimated that Americans spend 7 hours a day in front of screens between computers, tablets, and smartphones, with some people spending significantly more time in front of screens, which often results in Digital Vision Syndrome. Digital eye strain is often caused by misalignment of the eyes. When your eyes do not align properly, the visual system is strained, resulting in symptoms such as pain in the eyes, neck, back, and shoulders, headaches, tired eyes, and overly watery eyes. Using SightSync, we will be able to accurately measure and prescribe for correcting eye misalignment at all distances, easing the constant strain on your vision system.

SightSync at Amplify EyeCare Near You

Amplify EyeCare is one of the few optometry practices that has invested in SightSync. We can provide better service to our patients when we have more tools in our tool chest, and we can explain their unique circumstances much better when we have the right tools to demonstrate them.
To benefit from the relief offered by customized lenses and advanced measurements of your visual system using SightSync technology, you can easily schedule an eye exam at your nearest Amplify EyeCare practice. Whether you prefer to call or visit in person, our team of skilled eye care professionals is prepared and equipped to provide you with the care you require.

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