E-Scoops For Low Vision

E-Scoop glasses can be greatly helpful for people with early stage vision loss, helping them better utilize their remaining vision. Learn more below.

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E-Scoops For Low Vision Optometrist
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What are E-Scoop Glasses?

E-Scoops glasses are specialized optics which combine five different optical characteristics in order to maximize a low vision patient’s remaining vision. They can help low vision patients drive, use the computer, and more.

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How Do E-Scoop Glasses Work?

E-Scoop glasses combine 5 unique optical features to help maximize a low vision patient’s vision.

These are:

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Special lens thickness
  • Custom color tint
  • Base curve
  • Base up prism (it can be 4 base, 6 base, or 8 base
How Do E-Scoop Glasses Help?

How Do E-Scoop Glasses Help?

The various aspects of e-scoop glasses help assist low vision patients with a variety of tasks in their daily lives; the lense curve enlarging objects to allow for more detail, anti-reflective coating helps reduce glare while driving at night or using a computer,and the prism redirects light away from damaged parts of the macula to still functioning areas, and the color tint provides increased protection from UV light along with greater comfort from light sources which previously caused strain.

E-Scoops are particularly helpful for patients with early stage vision loss, due to the damage to the macula, which typically affects the center of their vision, being easier to correct. E-Scoops can help a patient maintain their previous level of activity and independence.

How Do E-Scoop Glasses Help?

How Do E-Scoop Glasses Help?

Patients with early stage vision loss from conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy can greatly benefit from E-Scoops.

Patients who are having trouble driving at night, issues with contrast (such as difficulty seeing food on a plate with a similar color to the plate), difficulty seeing outdoors due to the brightness level, can particularly benefit from the use of E-Scoops.

However, patients with more severe low vision may not see as much benefit from E-Scoops.

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Variations of E-Scoop Glasses

Variations of E-Scoop Glasses

E-Scoops are available in both single vision and bifocal forms. A low vision specialist will be able to help determine which configuration would be ideal for your personal needs.

Within these general variations, other aspects can vary depending on one’s needs, such as center thickness and index height. They can also include prisms, for an additional cost. 

How to Get E-Scoop Glasses

E-Scoops are prescribed on a highly individual basis, as with any low vision aid. The low vision doctor will conduct a comprehensive vision assessment to determine what will be the best solution for your needs.

How Much Do E-Scoops Cost?

The price of E-Scoop glasses vary depending on the precise specifications of what you need. E-Scoops with a lower magnification (base curve), for example, will be cheaper than those with a higher magnification. However, in general, E-Scoops are cheaper than other customized low vision optics like bioptic telescope glasses.

How Do E-Scoop Glasses Help?

Common Questions

E-scoops are specialized lenses that can be tailored to address specific vision impairments by enhancing contrast and reducing glare. By focusing light through the central part of the lens, they may improve visual clarity for those with conditions like retinitis pigmentosa or tunnel vision. A consultation with a low vision optometrist, who can conduct a comprehensive low vision exam, would help determine how e-scoops could benefit your unique visual needs.
Yes, a special low vision exam is generally required to assess if e-scoops are appropriate for your condition. A low vision eye doctor will evaluate your visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and specific needs to determine if e-scoops can provide the desired improvement in vision.
E-scoops may be suitable for driving and other activities that require enhanced visual clarity, such as reading or computer work. The lenses are designed to reduce glare and improve contrast, which can be beneficial in various settings. Consulting with a low vision optometrist who understands your individual needs is the best way to assess if e-scoops would be suitable for your specific activities.
Yes, there are several alternatives to e-scoops, depending on your specific vision condition and needs. Options might include other specialized lenses, magnifiers, screen readers, or assistive technology devices. A comprehensive low vision exam by a low vision optometrist will help determine the most suitable tools and aids for your unique situation, ensuring that you receive personalized care that addresses your visual challenges.
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E-Scoops are an effective low vision device for patients with early stage vision loss. Highly specific to an individual’s condition, they can greatly help in carrying out daily activities which have become more difficult. 

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