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Things are not always what they seem to be, both for someone experiencing something, and those observing them.

For example, it’s hard to know if someone is suffering from a vision problem when looking from the outside. This is obvious. However, it’s not all that uncommon for someone who is having an issue to simply not realize that something is wrong and that they should mention it. For example, if a child is having double vision, they might assume that it’s completely normal.

Once, our optometrist was contacted by a parent after a lecture who said that while she was talking about the lecture to her kids, her son casually mentioned that he sometimes didn’t know which football to catch. It turned out he’d been intermittently having double vision and, assuming it was normal, just hadn’t mentioned it.

Not Just Kids

Not Just Kids

This isn’t a phenomenon restricted to children, however. An elderly person experiencing a vision issue might simply write it off as being natural, due to aging, when in fact it is something else entirely that is treatable.

Younger adults can do something similar, but from a different direction. Rather than assuming a minor issue is something normal, they might just decide that it’s not a big deal and not seek treatment. This can become a bigger issue down the line if said minor issue is an early sign of something larger. It’s always better to treat something early.

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Common Questions

Adapting to vision loss involves both physical adjustments and emotional coping. Consulting an eye doctor is essential to understand the extent of the vision loss and potential treatments or interventions. They may recommend vision therapy or assistive devices to optimize remaining vision. Learning new skills, like Braille or using voice-activated technologies, can be beneficial. Emotional support from therapists, support groups, or loved ones can also aid in navigating the challenges.
Impaired vision can affect the body in various ways. It can lead to altered posture or body mechanics, like leaning forward to see better. This can result in muscle strain or imbalance. Furthermore, reduced visual acuity can impact balance and spatial awareness, increasing the risk of falls or accidents. Regular functional eye exams with an optometrist can help detect and manage vision impairments, ensuring the body functions as optimally as possible.
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If You Can’t See Something, Say Something

Don’t assume that something which is bothering you is normal or better off ignored. With children, parents should let them know that if something is troubling them, they should mention it. Just like with other problems a child might encounter in daily life, vision problems should be discussed and treated appropriately.

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