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Vision Problems and Autism (ASD)

While autism and vision problems are separate medical issues, they are often comorbid and symptoms can overlap, which may make it harder to tell if a child has a vision issue along with autism. Vision therapy treatment for these vision issues will not correct autism, but alleviating these problems can help significantly.

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Vision Therapy for Autism (ASD)

Vision Therapy for Autism (ASD)

Vision therapy is a great option for correcting vision issues which often occur in children with autism. Learn more about the link between vision and autism, and how vision therapy can help.

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Vision Therapy for Down Syndrome

Vision Therapy for Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is another disability which people do not immediately link with vision problems. However, here, as well, vision issues can be impacting a child with down syndrome, exacerbating their other problems. Correcting these vision issues can significantly help improve their quality of life.

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Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

Non-verbal learning disorder, while not an officially diagnosed problem like autism, ADHD, or down syndrome, is a learning disability which is also often found alongside vision issues which can play a major role in the problems suffered by a child with this condition. 

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