Congratulations to Dr. Eric Ikeda on being awarded the prestigious Skeffington Legacy Award

Published on
July 24, 2023

Dr. Ikeda award

Dr. Eric Ikeda, FCOVD, DPNAP who is a neuro-optometrist at Amplify EyeCare of Greater Long Beach was recently awarded the 2022 Skeffington Legacy Award by Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF). The award was given to Dr. Ikeda's for his "leadership, insights, time and resources to guide us through key turning moments”

His expertise has contributed greatly to the field of optometry over the years and he uses it to provide patients with the highest quality of eye care possible. The Skeffington Legacy Award is named after Dr. A.M. Skeffington, who is the founder of OEPF and is credited as the father of behavioral optometry.

Optometric Extension Program Foundation

Founded in 1928, the Optometric Extension Program Foundation is an international organization that gathers and disseminates information regarding vision and visual process for the advancement of optometry. Dr. Ikeda is Director Trustee at the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF).

The OEPF is an optometric foundation that publishes specialized books and journals for the profession. The Foundation publishes Optometry & Visual Performance (OVP) quarterly. OVP is a free, international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advancement of the role of optometry in enhancing and rehabilitating visual performance.

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