Great Games For Improving Kids Vision-Spot It

Published on
June 30, 2021

Spot It is a fun and educational visual game that comes in many forms and can be used in various ways. There is a version of the game that is suitable for players as young as three years old and up. It is played in groups of two to eight players and there are different themes for the kinds of symbols found in each game. For example, there are some versions that come with images, others with numbers or alphabet, etc. There’s approximately six different games you could play with just one package of Spot It.

The main game is played by identifying matching symbols in different cards which are each filled with a variety of symbols making it challenging to find matching images.

How does Spot It improve your child's vision?

Spot It can help develop different visual skills, including:

  • Visual memory
  • Visual discrimination
  • Visual figure ground perception (this is when one is able to find the forest from the trees)
  • Other visual analysis skills

This game is a wonderful example of how educational certain visual activities can be as it helps train our brain and eyes to work together as a team in order to sharpen some important visual skills.

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