Multi-Center Trial for RevitalVision, a Cutting Edge Treatment For Vision Improvement

Published on
August 30, 2023

Amplify EyeCare Practices Announce a Multi-Center Trial of RevitalVision 

Amplify EyeCare is on a mission to create a brand of optometry clinics that set the standard for advanced medical and specialty eyecare. One of the efforts that we place significant value on is trials of new and advanced treatment modalities and technologies. To this goal, a promising treatment that improves visual acuity and color contrast by training the brain to improve contrast perception, was brought to the attention of Amplify EyeCare by our esteemed Dr. Carl Garbus. Dr. Garbus is a world renowned optometrist in neuro optometric rehabilitation, he has served as the president and awarded the founding fathers medal by the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association. Dr. Garbus recognized the potential for a new treatment that would enable patients who have not had success with traditional treatments or have eye disease that lack treatment options. 


What is Revital Vision? 

RevitalVision is a prescribed home vision-training software on your computer that has promising studies showing a significant, long lasting vision improvement in patients with a wide range of conditions. It improves vision by enhancing the brain’s ability to process visual information without affecting the anatomy of the eye, enabling additional vision improvement beyond the eyes.  


With 24 clinical studies, 9 published in peer reviewed medical journals, 5 which are RCT's. FDA cleared with exclusive efficacy claim to improve vision in children aged 9 plus and adults with amblyopia, and 2 new dedicated CPT codes for the treatment of amblyopia. The product has robust clinical data showing improved vision in a variety of eye diseases and vision impairments. Clinical studies and case reports have demonstrated RevitalVision’s efficacy in improving vision in various eye diseases, such as Amblyopia, Wet AMD, Nystgmus, Stargardt, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Keratoconus patients following intrastromal corneal rings, early presbyopia, low myopia, and more. 


What types of patients are included in the multi-center trial? 

The goal of the trial is to have our experienced eye doctors assess the efficacy in their practice with their patients. 


The trial is open to patients who have the following conditions: 

  • Stable vision and with best-corrected vision up to 20/200
  • Poor or insufficient best corrected vision (vision is still not satisfactory with glasses or contact lenses) 
  • Poor night vision or difficulty driving at night
  • Difficulty with contrast, for example seeing gray text on a white page 
  • Adults or older children with amblyopia (lazy eye), patients with amblyopia who have not had success with other treatments, or in combination with in office vision therapy 
  • Patients with low vision, vision that is not improved with glasses or contact lenses. This may include reduced vision from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other conditions that affect central vision. 
  • Vision that is not satisfactory following cataract or laser surgery


How long is the treatment and what does it look like? 

After the initial exam the patient is set up with the software on their home computer. The training sessions are done for 30 minutes, 3 times per week, and typically last 2-4 months. Because Amplify practices are participating in this multi-center trial, we have set a reduced price of $100 per month. The patient will be instructed to come in for a check up mid-way through the treatment and upon completion. 


Tired of being told that nothing can be done? Join our multi-center trial! 

If your vision is not meeting your needs and you have been told that nothing more can be done, we recommend scheduling an eye exam with our eye doctors to see if you are a candidate for RevitalVision treatment.

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