Are Vision Screenings at Your Child’s School Not as Reliable as You Would Have Thought?

By: Margalit Katz, Optometrist at Amplify EyeCare
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Why is the school screening test insufficient?

By: Margalit Katz, Optometrist at Amplify EyeCare living in Yerushalayim

Studies show that up to 75% of vision screening tests at schools disregard vision problems.

So who can be trusted to check our children’s vision thoroughly?

A developmental optometrist does a comprehensive eye exam, including routine tests, health of the eyes and in addition, visual performance and functionality are tested. Vision is much more complex than reading off of an eye chart and it involves over 60% of the brain. Just like a computer which has hardware (CPU, memory, ram) and software (windows, chrome), so too our vision relies on our eyes as the hardware collecting visual information and our brain as the software to decode the visual signals. A comprehensive eye exam focuses on the health of the eye, while a developmental eye exam focuses on both the eye and the brain's role in visual function. At Amplify EyeCare Manhattan, Dr. Wernick is available to provide you with developmental optometry care and will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Is vision therapy relevant to you or to your child?

There are some key symptoms to look out for in order to know if vision therapy is relevant to you. If you experience any of these symptoms or have been diagnosed with any of the following conditions, it is recommended to schedule an appointment at our clinic with Dr. Wernick:


Double vision
Eye strain/ discomfort
Head tilt 
Light sensitivity
Difficulty reading
Letter reversals
Struggles with handwriting
Difficulty with concentration
Poor eye-hand coordination
Difficulty with visual processing
Difficulty with reading comprehension
Poor depth perception  


Developmental delays
Brain trauma
 Visual field loss
Strabismus (crossed eyes)
Amblyopia (lazy eye)
Convergence insufficiency

Vision is much more complex than reading off of an eye chart and it involves over 60% of the brain.

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