Yang, Dongsheng; Hertle, Richard W.; Zhu, Mingxia; Tai, Zheng; Hald, Eric; Kauffman, Matthew

Effect of Artificial Scotomas on Open-Loop Disparity Vergence Eye Movements

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To investigate the effect of an artificial scotoma on open-loop disparity vergence responses (DVRs) and vergence control mechanisms, we examined open-loop DVRs to disparity stimuli using monocular artificial scotomas in normal subjects.



Using a mirror haploscope with two computer monitors, we delivered disparity stimuli on a pair of random dot patterns subtending 40 by 30 degrees at 47 cm from each eye. The scotomas were black circles located in the center of a random dot pattern for the left eye. Eye movements of both eyes were recorded with a magnetic search coil system.



We first found that the amplitudes of DVRs were gradually decreased and the latency of DVRs was moderately increased as the size of the scotomas was increased. Second, monocular responses from each eye were symmetrical although the stimuli to each eye were asymmetrical.



The results suggest that the monocular eye movements in disparity vergence are controlled by a binocular central mechanism, not driven separately by monocular inputs in the open-loop window.

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