Moiroud, Lionel OD,; Royo, Anaïs OD; Bucci, Maria Pia PhD

The Developmental Eye Movement Test in French Children

publication date
July 14, 2020
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This study reported that the Developmental Eye Movement (DEM) test for French children is similar to the American ones and that all parameters of the DEM test improve up to the age of 10 years.



The DEM test has been normalized for several different populations of children, but there are no published norms for French children. This study aimed to determine values of the DEM test for French-speaking children.



A total of 327 children from 6 to 12 years of age participated in the study. The DEM test was administered as outlined in the manual.



Significant differences were found between the ages, and DEM test scores improved with age until about 10 years. Developmental Eye Movement test scores were similar to those reported in American children.



Cortical and central structures responsible for oculomotor and attentional capabilities are developing until about 10 years of age, and that could explain the improvement of the DEM test score up to this age. Furthermore, values of the DEM test in French children are similar to the American ones that are currently used as norms by French clinicians.

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