Neurolens®: Your Solution to Eye Strain

Do your eyes feel tired? Do you experience headaches after reading? Introducing NeuroLens, a revolutionary lens that can change your life.

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What is Myopia Management for Nearsighted Children

Amplify EyeCare of Greater Long Beach
Dr. Eric Ikeda
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What is Myopia Management for Nearsighted Children

Amplify EyeCare of Greater Long Beach
Dr. Eric Ikeda
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NeuroLens are the first prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to the eyeglass prescription, addressing the sources of visual discomfort that millions of Americans experience daily. Unlike traditional lenses, NeuroLens work to alleviate the eye misalignments that can cause issues far beyond the typical vision problems. The unique design corrects the disparity between our eyes' line of sight and the point where light converges inside them.

The Impact of NeuroLens on Visual Discomfort

  • 90% of individuals prescribed with NeuroLens experienced alleviation of symptoms.
  • Among those with computer vision syndrome, 86% noted a significant decrease in their symptoms.
  • After 90 days of using NeuroLens, 81.6% of those with persistent headaches observed diminished symptoms.
  • Within three months of using NeuroLens, 73% of users stated their symptoms were either "significantly lowered" or "almost non-existent."

What Conditions Can be Treated by Neurolens?

NeuroLens have been shown to reduce or eliminate symptoms related to:

  • Eye strain: Often experienced after prolonged use of digital devices.
  • Headaches: Linked to eye misalignment or extended focus.
  • Neck and shoulder pain: Resulting from strain during reading or device usage.
  • Dizziness: Sometimes caused by visual misalignments.
  • Difficulty concentrating: Especially during visual tasks.
  • Night driving discomfort: As a result of eye alignment disparities.

How do I Know If I Need NeuroLens?

If you experience one or more of the symptoms above, NeuroLens might be a solution. Traditional eye exams might not detect the subtle eye misalignments that can cause these issues. At select Amplify EyeCare locations, we provide specialized testing using advanced technology where patients focus on a single point while a dynamic display of rotating images activates peripheral and central vision to measure distance and near alignment. The unique measurements, calculated to 1/100th of a prism diopter, identifies if you could benefit from these lenses and results in a highly customized prescription for the Neurolens contoured prism lens design.

How do NeuroLens Work?

NeuroLens work on a principle of contoured prism technology. Traditional lenses have the same prescription throughout, but NeuroLens change in power from top to bottom. This gradient, or "contour," provides the necessary correction as the eye moves upward and downward, aligning the eyes at all distances.

Misaligned eyes cause the visual system to exert extra effort. NeuroLens minimize this effort, reducing the symptoms of visual discomfort and providing a more comfortable visual experience.

Are NeuroLens Expensive?

NeuroLens are an investment in your visual comfort and overall well-being. While they may cost more than traditional prescription lenses, the benefits they offer in terms of reduced discomfort and potential long-term health benefits often outweigh the price difference. Our patients only complaint was why no one told them about this before.

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