Suggested Toy List

These toys are not only safe, they help develop visual skills that are necessary for reading and learning.

Birth-24 months

  • Vtech Move and Crawl Ball
  • Bendy Ball (Baby Einstein)
  • Connect and Play Zone
  • Funky Farmyard
  • Activity Gym (Skip Hop)
  • Play-Doh® (Playskool)
  • Building Blocks
  • Stack and Discover Blocks
  • Little Tikes Little Champs Sports Center
  • Little Superstar Stacker (F-P)
  • Stack and Discover Blocks
  • Wee WedgitsTM
  • Busy Poppin’ Pals
  • Tadpoles Playmat Set
  • Bumpy Ball (Sassy)
  • Teach my Baby Learning Kit

2-4 years

  • Grow to Pro® Soccer
  • WedgitsTM Blocks Jr. Set
  • Coloring Books & Crayons
  • Dot-to-Dot Drawing Books
  • Moon Sand Play Sets
  • Finger Paints
  • Grow to Pro® Tee Ball Set
  • Wooden Shape Sorting Learning Clock
  • Teach my Preschooler Kit

5-8 years

  • Smart Cycle®
  • Chalkboard
  • Child-safe Archery Set
  • Watercolors
  • Tiddlywinks
  • Tinker Toy Set
  • Etch A Sketch®
  • Ring Toss
  • Toss Across
  • Weaving Loom and Hook Set
  • Paint By Number
  • U-BuildTM Connect 4
  • PerfectionTM Game
  • Bop It Bounce Game
  • Chinese Checkers

9-14 years

  • Building Models (cars, planes, etc.)
  • Flash FocusTM for Nintendo®
  • Operation (Milton Bradley)
  • Erector Set
  • Magnetic Roll-up Dart Board
  • Snap Circuits Kits (Elenco)
  • Legos®
  • Horseshoes
  • Perplexus Mazes
  • QuiddlerTM Puzzles
  • Battleship
  • LoopzTM Games
  • WiiTM Games
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