Tip #1: Don’t abuse your contact lenses

When dealing with either your dailies bi weekly or monthly, it's really important to not abuse your contact lenses by using them beyond their recommended time. So if you have a daily lens, that means at that end of that day, you're going to throw away that lens. If you have a biweekly lens after those 14 days you throw away the lens, or even sooner if they start to irritate your eyes. And for a monthly lens, you throw it away after 30 days.


Tip #2:  Wash your hands before changing your lens

Before handling any sort of contact lenses, make sure your hands are always clean. It's really important that you maintain proper hygiene so that you reduce the possibility of getting an infection in your eyes.


Tip #3:  Keep your contact lens clean

If you have the bi weekly or the monthly lenses you will need to make sure that you properly clean your contact lenses. Cleaning your lenses is not just rinsing them out with a multipurpose solution, but you should also rub the front and the back of the contact lens to mechanically try to get rid of any sort of protein deposits.  Even if your contact lens cleaning solution says “No Rub”, it is still recommended to rub the lens when cleaning them.


Tip #4:  Use the right cleaning solution

It is very important to use the right cleaning agent. A sterile cleaning agent must be used, not just any saline solution. Tap water should also be avoided, because it may contain some bacteria, and we do not want these on our lenses. Cleaning your contact lenses with a Multi Purpose contact lens solution will ensure that any deposits or anything else on the lens are removed so that there is less chance of infection when you put the lenses on.


Tip #5:  Don’t use your fingernails to scrape your contact lens

Mineral deposits can accumulate on contacts, and you may be tempted to use your fingernails to clean them. Using your fingernails is a bad idea because you may end up scratching your contact lenses and your fingernails have a lot of bacteria under them which you do not want getting on your contact lens.


Tip #6: Use a contact lens case and keep it clean

The case where you store the contact lenses can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so make sure to periodically change it every two to three months or sooner if you see some sort of damage. If you put your contacts in a dirty case, then that's just going to go on to the lens and then go on to your eye, which we don't want happening.


Tip #7: Remember to treat your contact lenses with the proper care

Taking care of your contact lenses requires a certain level of maturity and responsibility. Contact lenses are FDA approved medical devices, and improper use, maintenance, and storage can cause eye infections and more serious complications. Learn more about contact lens care.

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