Is it possible to treat amblyopia by doing exercises online and some home activities?

What is vision therapy?

A behavioral optometrist trained in vision therapy strengthens the complex skills of vision encompassing not only the eyes but the entire visual system as a whole, going well beyond 20/20 vision. It is crucial that both eyes work together and communicate with the brain for clear vision. In vision therapy, a customized treatment program is created for each patient. Exercises are performed to help train the brain to work effectively with the eyes.

Do home exercises for treating lazy eye work?

Everyone searches the web for solutions to issues like lazy eyes or amblyopia, and straightening their eyes. It's like doing your own occupational, physical, and speech therapy at home. People don't know what to look for, so it doesn't have a really high success rate. Patients may be doing activities incorrectly or they may reinforce something that could be the cause of the primary problem, so the patient could always become worse by doing their own treatment.

Dr. Ikeda has been fortunate to serve as the president of the Neuro Optometric Association and the Optometric Extension Program Foundation, two organizations dedicated to equipping functional optometrists with the tools to more accurately diagnose and effectively treat patients. During this time he has had the opportunity to work with countless functional optometrists who are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, something that is impossible without the depth of training that these optometrists have.

What should you do if you have a lazy eye?

Our recommendation is for you to get a thorough diagnosis and follow a customized treatment plan designed by a professional. Vision is such a crucial part of everything we do, with 80% of what we learn being taken in through our visual system. When working with a professional team of functional optometrists and vision therapists you are getting the appropriate care for your vision and life. Our functional optometrist at Amplify EyeCare are ready to help you achieve your best vision.

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