According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), school vision screenings only cover 4% of a comprehensive eye exam and miss 75% of vision problems.

Los Angeles Pediatric Optometrist, Dr. Ikeda explains

School vision screenings are essential in the opinion of Dr. Eric Ikeda FCOVD who has decades of experience in the field. He missed school vision screenings in childhood, because he was shy which resulted in his vision problem not being detected. Consequently, his eyesight was getting worse. He had difficulty copying off the board, so the teacher sent him to the nurse, who diagnosed him with nearsightedness.

With the local school districts, Dr. Ikeda has been working on an effective, but efficient way to screen children's vision in the local school district. Students are often tested only at 20 feet during school screenings. It's mostly distance acuity that's measured. Dr. Ikeda has implemented both distance and near screening as most of the children spend most of their time reading and writing on their desks. Therefore, both of these distances must be evaluated to help children learn effectively.

What is a RightEye Sensorimotor? How can it be used in vision screening?

The RightEye Sensorimotor examination system can be used by optometrists and ophthalmologists to identify binocular vision issues and oculomotor dysfunction objectively and quickly on every patient. One of the benefits of using this technology during a school screening is that it allows the students to undergo a more thorough evaluation while being mindful of the need to check many students every day.

How do we conduct our school vision screenings?

We at Amplify EyeCare of Greater Long Beach work a lot with the private and public schools. Rather than just requesting students to look at a letter chart, we have established a more comprehensive visual screening. They will be examined for eye movement skills and we will have them listen to certain sounds, or do certain tests to determine whether or not they suffer from auditory visual deficits. Additionally, we have them copy something to show us how well they grasp pencils and if they have the ability to visualize what the target is and be able to transfer that image onto paper. When we conduct those types of screenings, we enlist the help of several parents so that they can see how comprehensive the visual process is. As they see their child and their performance, they're able to get a better understanding of why they're having difficulty doing certain things like spelling or when they are engaging in physical activities. Much of that involves visual processes.

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