A significant percentage at least 10% to 20% of the population suffers from binocular vision dysfunction, yet almost no one is aware of it. A simple eye exam does not detect BVD due to slight vision misalignment, making things even more complicated.

What is binocular vision?

The term binocular vision simply refers to seeing with two eyes at the same time. Our brain cannot see in 3D and judge distances and depth without two eyes, and using two eyes at the same time is much better than using one eye at a time, as the combined image from two eyes has a higher quality than that of a single eye.

Why is testing for binocularity important in an eye exam?

The majority of people are surprised when they are tested at our practice for binocular vision during an eye examination. We include this testing because using two eyes together is so important for visual function, specifically it is needed in order to perform daily tasks such as driving, reading, walking, and so on, we rely on our binocular vision.

Testing for binocular vision is an essential part of our eye examinations. In some cases, the binocular system itself is ignored during an eye exam and the eye doctor is only concerned about whether you can see or if you have any refractive errors that require glasses or contact lenses. As a result it may be difficult to get used to certain glasses or contact lenses because no effort was made to determine whether there was a binocular vision problem.

Our eye doctors get referrals from other optometrists not because they aren't capable themselves, but because they don't do additional tests that our vision therapists or behavioural optometrists do, such as determining how your binocular vision is performing.

How is binocular vision dysfunction treated?

Wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses will not solve this problem. Generally, vision therapy and specialised glasses are used to treat inadequate binocularity. The purpose of vision therapy is to develop efficient visual skills and processing by utilizing a sequence of activities prescribed and monitored by behavioural optometrists and vision therapists.

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