Traditionally, the main entry point to the medical model is the general practitioner, or internist. Optometrists are the entry point into eyecare. When a person has an injury, or they have a condition that requires the attention of a specialist, that's when optometrists start to enlist the help of other specialists who are trained in a specific area. Optometrists like to coordinate their treatments with the whole care team since everything involves vision.

Physical therapists and occupational therapists

Optometrists don't practice occupational therapy, but they do know what occupational therapists do. The same applies to physical therapists.

Everything involves vision, so ensuring our patients success across all modes of therapy requires that the care providers are aware of the visual aspects of the patients function.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists focus on teaching patients a variety of life skills that will help them become independent. We work very closely with many occupational therapists for patients that have low vision and traumatic brain injuries such as strokes and concussions. Optometrists have a natural partnership with occupational therapists since they understand many aspects of daily life. By analyzing and guiding the visual process, optometrists allow patients to take full advantage of the therapies they receive.

Physical Therapy

For physical therapists, vision is a critical piece of the puzzle or part of the link when it comes to balance and movement. A lot of vestibular issues are interconnected with vision, and neuro-optometrists often provide advice to the patients physical therapists, which really can have a dramatic improvement to help the patients improve. Because physical therapists specialize in the vestibular system while optometrists specialize in vision, it is important that they work together to improve the patient's vision.

The Care Team: A Rehabilitative Approach

The rehabilitation setting is not a singular entity, but actually a team of rehabilitation personnel. Their goal is to help the patient achieve their goals. We are very blessed to work with many of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in both an in and outpatient setting.
If you are a part of the rehabilitation care team we welcome you to contact an Amplify EyeCare practice to learn more about how we partner with you in patient care.

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