An estimated 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses. It is recommended that those who wear contact lenses schedule an eye exam at least once a year. At our state of the art optometry clinic in Bellflower we can help you get great vision and comfort with the latest contact lenses.

What is a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lenses are a popular alternative to prescription glasses for many people. They are a medical device and are placed directly onto your eyes With the advancement of modern optometry, you can now choose from a wide range of safe and comfortable options to meet your needs. These include soft and hard lenses, disposable lenses, extended wear lenses, and even custom styles. There are even contact lenses that you wear while sleeping that allow you to go without glasses or contact lenses during the day!! Many people want to use them occasionally, while others want to switch completely from standard glasses.

What is included in a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lens exams at our state of the art Bellflower, CA optometry clinic include the following components:

  • One of the reasons you may need a contact lens exam is because your contact lens prescription needs to be updated.
  • It's also important to have a contact lens exam to make sure the lens fits, make sure the eye gets enough oxygen, and ensure that the surface of the lens functions properly.
  • We ensure that if you wear daily contact lenses, you actually throw them away at the end of the day, and if it's a monthly lens, it provides comfort and clarity for the entire month.
  • We will assess whether your eye produces enough tears to keep your lenses moist. We all have different tear films because we are all different. And contact lens solutions don't always work for everyone. This is also something we discuss with you.
  • You will receive instructions on how to use and care for your lenses, so that your health and the longevity of the lenses are ensured. You will learn how to safely insert and remove the contacts, as well as how to clean and store them (if they aren't disposable).
  • Additionally, we ensure that the vision is still good with contact lenses. Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your contact lenses.
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