Daily disposable contact lenses are also called dailies. A daily disposable contact lens is a contact lens that you wear for one day and discard afterward.

Why are daily disposable contact lenses recommended?

Dr. Sarah Pinkhasov prefers to prescribe dailies to her patients because they require very little maintenance. These lenses do not require cleaning or storing. Wearing daily lenses reduces the risk of getting eye infections because most contact lens infections occur when patients don't properly store or clean their lenses. It is cost effective to wear daily lenses as you only wear them when you need them, but biweekly lenses or monthly lenses need to be discarded after 14 days or a month, so that would be a waste of money if you didn't wear them every day.

Why are daily contact lenses easier and safer?

The longer you wear the contact lenses, the more likely it is that substances will accumulate on them. This is due to the fact that our tear film is made up of lipids, proteins, and other substances. As a result, when we put the contact lenses in our eyes at the end of the day, those deposits may end up going on the lenses and causing our eyes to feel a little irritated and dry. The daily lenses are much more hygienic without the need for constant cleaning since they're opened every day and thrown away at the end of the day, so you're less likely to get any sort of protein deposit or substance buildup on them. Dailies also allow much more oxygen permeability to the eye. As they are thinner, patients would not feel anything in their eyes. Dailies are also a really great solution for people who experience dry eye symptoms or pain when wearing contact lenses. The combination of increased oxygen permeability and reduced buildup of residue makes dailies more comfortable.

How much do daily contact lenses cost?

People tend to underestimate how affordable daily disposable contact lenses are; many spend more on their daily Starbucks coffee than they do on their lenses. A year's supply of disposable daily lenses will cost more than monthly replacement lenses, however. Although the costs are higher, the benefits both in terms of health and convenience outweigh the increase in cost. There are many different brands and modalities of daily contact lenses, with prices varying depending on the type and brand of contact lens. Also the amount paid out of pocket will vary between different medical and vision plans. HSA/FSA can also be used towards the purchase of an annual supply of contact lenses. It is also increasingly common for contact lens manufacturers to offer rebates on annual supplies of lenses.

Which daily disposable lenses should I choose?

A variety of dailies are available. There are regular spherical power lenses and toric contact lenses for treating astigmatism. People with presbyopia and children with myopia are prescribed multifocal contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses that block UV light are also available.

While you should consider price when choosing your lenses, you should prioritize those that provide the correction or protection you need over saving a little money. Your eyes are an integral part of your life. Take good care of them.

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