Low vision devices can be helpful for most patients suffering from low vision, but  according to the American Optometric Association (AOA), only 20-25% of these patients have been examined by a low vision optometrist.

The purpose of low vision devices is to help those with poor vision that can not be corrected with regular glasses or contact lenses read better, see more clearly, and enjoy the things that they no longer can enjoy due to their vision loss. A variety of magnifying devices are available, such as stand and hand-held magnifiers, telescopes, electronic magnifiers and strong magnifying reading glasses.

What are the different optical and digital low vision devices?

A low vision aid can be optical or digital. The following are optical low vision devices:

  • Magnifying glasses
  • Handheld magnifiers
  • Stand magnifiers
  • Telescopes

In contrast, digital low vision aids include:

  • Handheld digital magnifiers
  • Electronic magnifiers such as Zoomax and Acesight
  • CCTV stand magnifiers
  • Wearable Technology such as eSight and IrisVision
  • Lighting
  • Contrast enhancement

How does digital magnification help low vision patients?

Since an electronic magnifier is digital and has a screen, you can use it even in a dark environment, like a restaurant with dim lighting. In addition to being able to magnify more text than a simple magnifier, digital magnifiers may also allow you to scroll and adjust contrast. With up to 20 times magnification, you get very high quality large images digitally, in contrast to optically magnified images. Digital magnification not only provides more light but it also enhances contrast. In addition, you can get different color imaging, such as black text on a white screen or white text on a black screen.

Those with low vision can read many types of print and writing more easily with digital magnifiers, such as prescription labels, instructions on packages and cans, managing bills and bank statements, reading newspapers, magazines, and books more easily. They can also use it to thread a needle, knit, crochet, and perform other non-reading tasks.

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