There are a lot of programs and apps and accessibility features that are available now for people with visual impairment.

Here are some of the top tools and resources


Zoomtext is a downloadable software program that can go on to someone's computer and it can allow for magnification of things so that people will be able to read emails, look at websites, do art or media work, with magnification, enlarges the size with the mouse, and some of programs even have OCR capability where it can read text to the individual instead of them having to read always themselves some of the features.

The best cell phone for low vision

We tend to recommend Apple products because they do have a lot of accessibility features built in. For example we can change contrast so it is white on black or black on white. There are easy to use magnification zoom options, and there is a whole ecosystem of applications that are made for low vision.


Another factor behind recommending Apple products, is the passionate and vibrant community that shares resources and knowledge for the Apple low vision community.

You can learn more on their website

Accessibility on our website

At the bottom left hand corner of the website you will find a small blue wheelchair. This will open up a menu of accessibility options. These options are fantastic, and we recommend these features on all websites. They include text to speech, magnification, contrast settings, text spacing, cursor size, and font size.

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