If your child is struggling with learning or dislikes doing their homework, consider scheduling a complete vision evaluation. It's crucial to understand that children may not always report visual issues to their parents, mainly because they don't realize that they're experiencing a problem. Let's discuss some telltale signs that your child might have vision-related issues affecting their learning, and why early diagnosis is essential.

Observing Your Child's Reading Habits

Pay attention when your child reads or does homework. If they read aloud and frequently skip lines or lose their place, this could indicate a tracking problem with their eyes. It's essential to address these issues as they can make it difficult for your child to concentrate and learn effectively.

Signs Your Child May Be Struggling Visually

Another sign to watch for is how your child holds reading material. If they hold it very close to their face or tilt their head to one side while reading, this could indicate issues with coordinating both eyes. Though smart children might find ways to overcome these challenges, it usually takes them longer to complete tasks.

Frequent Headaches and Other Symptoms

If your child often complains of headaches during or after school but not on weekends, this is a strong indicator of potential vision issues. It's essential to ask the right questions because children are not always forthcoming about their struggles.

Example Case: The Challenge of Double Vision

Dr. Garbus recently evaluated a child who was experiencing difficulty in reading. We performed binocular vision tests and found that the child's right eye tended to drift outward while reading. When asked, the child admitted to having double vision and even closing one eye to cope. Despite being bright and finding ways to compensate, the child was struggling because of this visual impairment.

The Importance of a Vision Examination

For children experiencing these types of issues, a behavioral developmental examination can be incredibly enlightening. This examination will identify visual problems that may be affecting your child's academic performance, helping them at an early stage to improve their learning experiences.

Schedule a Vision Evaluation Today

If you suspect that your child may be struggling due to vision-related issues, don't hesitate to schedule a complete vision evaluation. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a world of difference in your child's academic life.

For more information about children's vision and how it impacts learning, please feel free to contact our office.

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