Adults generally accept changes in themselves as part of aging, and think that there's nothing they can do about it. When it comes to visual symptoms in adults, help is often available.

What are the possible visual symptoms in adults?

The following are possible visual symptoms adults may experience:

  • Having headaches or having trouble seeing after you've been working on your computer or looking at lots of paperwork all day long.
  • It is also possible to experience tension in the neck due to frequent head turns or tilting in the workplace.
  • You read better when you close one eye, and you lose your place frequently when you're reading.

All of these symptoms indicate a vision problem. And the good news is these types of vision problems are highly treatable through a course of vision therapy.

What eye conditions can vision therapy treat?

Some of the common conditions treated by vision therapy are:

Can vision therapy help with the visual symptoms in adults?

A clinical trial concluded that vision therapy was effective for 61.9% of adult patients who received in-office and home therapy.

Adults can benefit from vision therapy just as much as children. Adults can also benefit from vision therapy because of neuro-plasticity. Neuroplasticity enables your brain to remain dynamic and flexible throughout your life. One of the best things about doing vision therapy for the above described vision problems is that you will not only improve your vision but you will also have a better quality of life.

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