Refractive surgery is typically performed by a different eye doctor than the one who performs pre and postoperative care. Refractive surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist and the eye doctor who conducts the pre- and postoperative care is an optometrist.

What does preoperative care for LASIK consist of?

A comprehensive eye examination is one of the steps in the pre-care before the patient receives LASIK surgery. The optometrist will review the patient's medical history, the candidacy of the whole process, and make sure the patient is a good candidate. A dilated exam is done to examine the back part of the eye and check their ocular health, as well as looking at the corneal thickness and pupil size. Additionally, they ensure that the patient has no contraindications to LASIK. During the consultation, they discuss the patient's goals with the procedure and what to expect after it. In the event that it is determined that the patient is a good candidate for LASIK, then the patient would be referred to an ophthalmologist and then they would perform the surgery.

What does postoperative care for LASIK consist of?

Postoperative care typically involves follow-up visits after one day, one week, one month, three months, and six months of surgery. Typically at the one-day follow up, optometrists check the patient's corneal health and the front part of their eye to make sure the procedure went well. They also make sure that there are no infections or inflammations and that the patient is taking all medications properly. A week later, at the follow-up appointment, they look at the patient's cornea and determine the health of their eyes through a slit lamp examination, where they examine the patient’s eyes through a microscope and check their visual acuity. In addition, they check the patient's refraction and make sure there are no further enhancements needed. They make sure that the healing process and everything is going normal. It is possible that the patient may need some further adjustments to their vision or if they require some enhancement procedures, the optometrist will refer them to the refractive surgeon for any enhancement procedures they may require. In order to ensure that our patients receive the best care, we at Amplify EyeCare Manhattan, collaborate with different eye doctors. Make an appointment with us today, if you're interested in LASIK or want to learn more about the procedure.

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