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Wearing proper eye protection is one of the most important things you can do to prevent eye injuries. If you work in a dangerous work environment, such as if you're a plumber, or if you're a welder, or if you know you're going to engage in activities that may harm your eyes, such as mowing the lawn or drilling, or if you're using harsh cleaning agents, or if you're gardening, whatever the case may be, it's extremely important that you wear proper eye protection.

What Protective Eyewear Should You Wear to Prevent an Eye Injury?

Safety goggles are one type of eye protection you can wear. You can wear these goggles over your glasses or contact lenses and they can be wrapped around your head. Depending on what activity you're engaging in, you can wear a face shield or a helmet. Regardless of what protective gear you wear, it's really important that it's adjustable, comfortable, and provides proper peripheral vision so that you still remain safe.

In the Event of an Eye Injury, What Should You Do?

In the event that you do suffer an eye injury, you will likely be in a lot of pain. It can cause you to experience decreased vision, a foreign body sensation, and feel uncomfortable in general. Should you suffer an eye injury, you must see an eye doctor right away, because it may eventually result in permanent vision loss or a scar on the front part of your eye. If you get a foreign body in your eye, it is extremely important not to rub your eyes since this can make it go further into your eye. Then, if you accidentally get some kind of chemical agent into your eyes, you should immediately wash them with a sterile saline solution. When you rinse your eyes, you should make sure to flush the solution away from you so that it won't leak into your other eye. It's important to see your eye doctor right away no matter what kind of injury you have, whether small or large, in order for them to diagnose, treat, and manage you properly.

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