What is Diplopia? Diplopia is just another word for Double Vision. One of the most frequent patient complaints that I hear is, “Doc when I'm reading or what I'm looking down the street appears as double. What's going on?”

Treatment relies on understanding what causes your symptoms of double vision

Double vision can have a lot of causes. You can have double vision from something as simple as having an uncorrected amount of astigmatism. Another common cause of double vision can be dry eye, but with this form of double vision when you blink the double vision will go away.

But double vision can also be from more serious issues such as teaming. Eye teaming is where your eyes aren't working together properly. There can be several issues where there is a deeper problem that is causing your symptoms. One important thing to do is to see go an optometrist that specializes in behavioural vision. This exam will look at all aspects of your vision to help to differentiate why you are having the symptoms of double vision.

One thing you can do on the website is you can take a quick double vision quiz and it will give you a better understanding of whether your symptoms are something that you should get looked at by a behavioural optometrist. Take the double vision quiz.


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