Each year in the United States, there are approximately 850,000 visits to eye doctors for double vision (diplopia), with 95% of these being made on an outpatient basis. The overwhelming majority of cases are treatable and not indicating a major health issue with visits from an outpatient setting. However double vision in an emergency room setting may indicate a more serious problem with 16% of emergency department visits for diplopia can be potentially life-threatening. (

Scheduling a double vision appointment with Dr. Garbus FAAO

Dr. Garbus has extensive experience diagnosing and treating patients with double vision. When you visit us in Santa Clarita you can rest assured that you will have a thorough evaluation to diagnose the underlying cause of your double vision as well as a treatment plan based on a wealth of experience and clinical knowledge.

Dr. Garbus’s many accomplishments in the field of neuro optometry include:

  • 2 term President of NORA (Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association)
  • Awarded the founding father medal from NORA (Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association)
  • Former Chair and long standing member of AOA Vision Rehabilitation Committee
  • Former president of the Los Angeles County Optometric Society
  • Member of AOA, COA, NORA
  • Member of the Academy of optometry FAAO
  • Hospital privileges and consults at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara and Henry Mayo Hospital in Santa Clarita

What is diplopia?

Double vision, also known as diplopia, is a condition where an individual sees two images of a single object. It can be a frustrating and confusing experience for those who suffer from it. In general, double vision affects our ability to judge space accurately, compromises our depth perception, and makes our world very, very confusing. Learn more about diplopia.

What are the different causes of double vision?

There are several  potential causes of double vision including:

How is double vision diagnosed?

When a patient comes to an Amplify EyeCare practice complaining of double vision, the first step is to rule out any underlying pathology that may be causing the issue. This is done through medical imaging such as an MRI or CT scan. Once that has been cleared, we evaluate the double vision to see where it is most prominent, whether it is worse at a distance or up close, or if it is worse in certain gaze directions.

How is double vision treated?

The treatment for double vision will vary depending on the cause and severity of the condition. In some cases, prescribing the right pair of glasses with a special prism will resolve the problem. In other cases, it may require a combination of prism within the glasses and therapy. Vision therapy is very successful in many cases for patients who have double vision.

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