Many people believe that good eyesight is simply the ability to read the "20/20" line on an eye chart, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there are over 17 visual skills that are necessary for academic success. It's important to remember that approximately 80% of learning is visual, so having good vision is crucial for a child to excel academically. Don't just rely on the 20/20 measure of eyesight, make sure your child or student has all the visual skills they need to succeed in school.

What are the different symptoms children can experience that indicate underlying vision problems?

There are several physical symptoms that may indicate that a child has an underlying vision problem. These symptoms are often most pronounced after extended periods of reading or other near visual tasks. Common examples include:

  • Headaches
  • Eye strain, eye fatigue, or rubbing of the eyes
  • Nausea or feeling sick while reading
  • Fatigue after school or after reading for a long period of time

If your child is experiencing these symptoms, especially while reading small print, it could be a sign of issues with eye teaming or focusing. It's important to bring these symptoms to the attention of a professional, as addressing vision issues early on can help your child succeed academically and avoid discomfort or strain on the eyes.

Take our online visual skills assessment to help identify if you or your child has a potential visual deficit that may be interfering with success in the classroom, work, or sports.

Why may your child need to see our pediatric eye doctor if they are struggling academically?

Unfortunately, many children may have undiagnosed vision problems that can affect their learning. It's estimated that around 60% of individuals with learning difficulties also have an underlying vision issue. This is why it's so important for teachers and parents to be aware of any vision-related challenges a child may be experiencing.

If your child is struggling in a classroom setting, it might be helpful to complete our symptom checklist below and bring it to our pediatric optometrist for review. After reviewing the checklist, our pediatric optometrist can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Don't let your child's vision hold them back in their academic journey. If you have concerns about your child's eyesight and how it may be impacting their learning, consider reaching out to our pediatric optometrist for guidance.

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