Our approach to vision therapy at our neuro optometry practice in Bellflower, CA is very specialized and individualized. The objective is not simply to get the patient's eyes to scan or fixate, nor to just assess the ocular motor system of the patient. Vision is a complex process that is involved in almost everything that we do which is why it is extremely important to assess the whole picture of visual human performance. For example we assess the motor system.  During vision therapy, the first thing that gets assessed is how the patient stands and if there is a shift. Another aspect of vision that we examine is visual processing. When a patient has difficulties with rhythm and timing, for instance, vision therapy will assess whether their visual speed of processing is intact. Many strategies are integrated for the patients so that they can receive appropriate feedback. As a result, they'll know how their weight is shifting and if their timing is off. Once that is done, our vision therapist in coordination with Dr. Ikeda will prescribe certain treatment strategies to help them improve on the visual processes that were identified as being deficient.

What makes vision therapy special?

As vision therapy is an individualized program, you will find that no two patients behave in the same way. Therefore, a concussion is not merely a concussion, it all comes down to the patient. Therefore, Dr. Ikeda provides care to his patients by first determining their current state of visual function, and then finding the appropriate treatments that will enable them to improve.

Why do prism wearers need vision therapy as well?

Prisms are prescribed to these patients in order to relieve immediate changes. Sometimes the patients will function with just prisms, while other times prisms are the first stage of a broader treatment strategy. Since every patient's visual performance and visual system is unique, the treatment, from prisms to therapy, is also determined by what will provide that patient with the most optimal outcome.

Why are concussion patients referred to Dr. Ikeda?

We have been very fortunate to receive referrals from all over the greater Los Angeles area and the entire state of California. We are referred to by many medical professionals involved in the care team for concussion patients including many Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, nurse case managers, OT’s & PT’s, Neurologists, Speech therapists, and more. Dr. Ikeda has extensive experiencing treating concussion patients at Amplify EyeCare of Greater Long Beach as well as at Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation (Pomona),  Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (Downey); NeuroRestorative rehabilitation centers (Artesia, Garden Grove, La Habra, San Dimas).
Dr. Ikeda has served as the past-president of Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF), the past-president of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, and was appointed to the American Optometric Association Vision Rehabilitation Committee and to the Traumatic Brain Injury Task Force.

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