At Amplify EyeCare  we recommend vision therapy when we are certain that it would be of great help to your child. There are clear guidelines that are scientifically validated and taught at all optometry schools that indicate when a child (or adult) would be helped by vision therapy, otherwise we would not recommend it. Vision therapy involves working with both your vision therapist as well as our functional optometrist to create an individualized program that improves functional vision performance.

Does vision therapy work the same for everyone?

Vision therapy is different for each individual. Vision therapy and rehabilitation require a diagnosis and a plan, and those plans must be very structured and tailored to each patient. The vision therapy a child gets is not general vision therapy, but a very specific plan designed to help this child perform better in everything else they do in life, including learning and sports.

What role does vision therapy play in the life of a child?

It is not surprising that children acknowledge when they have a problem in school or while playing sports and wish to be assisted. The issue is that most of the time they do not realize that the difficulties that they face when reading, doing school work, or playing sports, is a vision issue. After a comprehensive functional vision exam with our optometrist, our vision therapists work with our functional optometrist to come up with an individual plan for your child. Keeping your child compliant, following through with activities they are expected to complete at home, and monitoring their progress is very important to ensure that therapy is successful. Child’s progress is also monitored when they come in for periodic progress evaluations. It is important to see how the vision therapy transfers well to the goals the child identifies, whether it is to be able to read better or be better at sports. All those goals are important to the eye doctor because they are important to the child.

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