Colored contact lenses mimic the natural appearance of the iris, which is the colored part of the eye. Since the iris is composed of shapes and lines, some colored contact lenses mimic this for an even more realistic appearance. As the center of the lens, which covers the pupil, is clear, the wearer is able to see through it. Quite a few people actually wear them every day.

Why do Air Optix colored contact lenses stand out?

The most popular colored contact lens today is the Air Optix colored contact lens. These colored contact lenses are made from a more breathable silicone hydrogel material, making them healthier for your cornea than some older colored contact lenses you might still be able to find. One of the best things about these lenses is that they come in a semi-opaque color pattern. Another benefit of these is that the natural eye color blends in with the color of contact lenses, making them appear more realistic and less fake. In addition, they can be interchanged with regular Air Optix contact lenses. During the course of the day, you can wear your clear contact lenses and on special occasions you can wear your colored contacts. This can be done within the same prescription.

Are colored contact lenses safe for you?

It is important to determine whether or not you have astigmatism or an irregular cornea shape before trying out colored contact lenses. If you do, you may have difficulty finding colored contact lenses. We urge everyone to always schedule a contact lens exam before purchasing or using colored contact lenses.

Contact lenses are regulated as Class II or Class III medical devices by the FDA. Even if you do not have a prescription and are buying contact lenses to change the color of the eye, always schedule a contact lens exam. Improper fitting contact lenses can cause eye infections and potentially serious eye conditions. Avoid purchasing these types of lenses from sites offering them without a prescription. This may suggest that the health and safety of the wearer isn't a priority for the retailer, and the quality of their lenses is lower. Additionally, this is illegal. Saving a bit on cheaper lenses for a costume isn’t worth potentially damaging your eyes. Learn more about contact lens exams.

Why should you consult a professional before using colored contact lenses?

As with anything related to your eyes, it is always best to consult your eye care provider beforehand, this is equally as true before using colored contact lenses. It can help you determine what brands are best for you, find contact lenses that fit the unique shape of your eye, and alert you to any risks to your eyes.

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