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OCT stands for optical coherence tomography. It is a non-invasive imaging test. It is an advanced eye imaging technology that uses lightwaves to create a detailed image of the back part of the eye. An eye doctor can see all of the distinct layers of a patient's eye at any given time with an OCT.

What conditions does OCT help diagnose?

OCT helps eye doctors detect early signs of common eye conditions. OCT can help diagnose conditions such as:

OCT at Amplify EyeCare

We have recently installed new technologies such as the Maestro2 OCT imaging equipment in our office, allowing us to better manage and take care of our patients. When we are able to detect certain eye conditions in their early stages, we are better able to provide treatment at an earlier stage which can result in a better prognosis for these eye conditions.

How does OCT help in treating glaucoma?

The standard tests for glaucoma, such as dilating the patient, checking the optic nerve head, measuring the patient's eye pressure, and assessing the patient's visual field, are also combined with the OCT since the latter can quantify and tell us what thickness the nerve fiber layer of a patient is. It is important because in glaucoma, there's damage to the optic nerve head and we assess the damage if there's thinning of the nerve fiber layer. OCT provides quantitative information by measuring the actual thickness of the nerve fiber layer. In addition, it helps determine where the nerve fiber layer is thinning.

What is OCT imaging? How does it help in treating an eye condition?

Another great aspect of OCT is that our eye doctor can take baseline photos so when the patient returns for a follow up, they can take another OCT image and then compare to see if there has been any progress.

Therefore, if they are on the fence about whether a patient should be put on another glaucoma eye drop, they can use OCT to see how fast a patient is progressing and determine whether they need additional treatment.

Rather than rely solely on OCT results, they always take the big picture into account when making decisions about treatment. OCT definitely provides our eye care specialists with valuable information not just about glaucoma, but about so many other eye conditions as well.

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