For kids or adults it is crucial to perform comprehensive eye exams in order to maintain ocular health and to recognize signs of developmental vision issues, eye injuries, allergies, infections, and neurological conditions.

How frequently should eye examinations be scheduled?

Lets begin with a young child, they should undergo a basic screening as an infant. Dr. Ikeda recommends bringing your children in when you are comfortable. You can have a screening done by him and then he will go over different motor activities you can work on and suggest different types of toys. To preserve the safety of their children, he discusses things that parents need to be aware of. He gives them a lot of information as one parent to another to help them understand what is important for them for the child to develop normally. In his opinion, it is vital for him to see them early on. If there is no family history, or no issues to speak of, he usually tells them to have their child come back in about 24 months. He also prefers to see the child before they start kindergarten. Again, if he sees issues developing more due to the computers and devices, he tries to have them bring their children in more frequently like every 12 months. If there are no conditions, usually every 24 months.

As a patient gets older Dr. Ikeda will recommend patients to come in more frequently, sometimes even a few times per year. This is due to various diseases that can start to appear among older populations.

What symptoms require immediate care?

Contact us immediately to schedule an emergency eye exam if you experience symptoms of eye injury, infection, allergies, visual-motor dysfunction, or neurological deficits. Emergency treatment may be necessary depending on the severity, call our office at (562) 925-6591 to find out the recommended next steps. Pay attention to any symptoms following a head injury or trauma.

Among the warning signs are:

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